Your clients and the receiver will be most impressed & pleased

PaperNutsยฎ are manufacured from 100 % recyled paper, thus they are safe to use and accepted worldโ€“wide. PaperNutsยฎ can be reused or recyled, they are biodegradable and thus non-polluting; It thus lowers the carbon foot print of your company.


Advantages of the PaperNutsยฎ

  1. Made from 100% recycled paper materials
  2. Biodegradable & Non-toxic
  3. Contain no CFCs or HCFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons and Hydro-Chlorofluorocarbons)
  4. Easy to reuse again
  5. Lower carbon foot print
  6. Improves your companyโ€™s image
  7. Offers superior protection for any product to be shipped
  8. Is accepted under the REACH agreement in the US / EU which will thus lower your entry barrier AND exporting Cost
  9. Has been awarded with the Singapore and Thai Green Label


How Do PaperNutsยฎ work

Due to the paper being twisted it interlocks with each other, and unlike other filler material will remain in place. Your product will thus not migrate to the bottom of the box, PaperNutsยฎ provide an increased shock absorption and minimizes vibration effects

  1. Stops product migration
  2. Excellent shock & vibration protection
  3. Protects against sharp edges
  4. Small amounts of PaperNutsยฎ are needed, lowering your manufacturing cost
  5. No static built up or ESD (protect sensitive electronics)


Cost Consideration

  1. Less filler is used, lower shipment cost
  2. PaperNuts are less expensive than oil based packing fillers
  3. Polluter Pays โ€“ for oil based filler , will NOT be applicable


Strengthens your companyโ€™s image

The receiver will be impressed your company takes environmental issues seriously

  • PaperNutsยฎ WIN โ€“ WIN for all
  • great image,
  • great protection,
  • great cost improvement

Product Availability

PaperNutsยฎ are manufactured in white or brown, in various lengths Delivery; Bags of 5 Kgs โ€“ plastic bags can be returned to be reused and credit Your company Logo can be printed, volume minimum 1,000 Kgs